Create Routine


Main Menu Setup Routine - or press Shift+F7.


Choose Set Goals from List and press OK. The Set Goals from List panel presents the MusicGoals objectives organized into three groups: Keyboard, Staff, and String Instrument.


With either the Set Goals from List or the Practice Routine, you can select objectives and choose drill levels to include in your custom routine.



1) Check off the objectives to include on the left.


2) Then click on the Level Name box directly to the right of each. A list of levels for the selected objective will open:



3) Drag over to select the levels to include in your routine. With the Set Goals from List  routine, you control how MusicGoals advances when a drill is mastered or when you press the Next Goal button on the Main Menu.


4) Repeat the procedure with every objective you want to add to this routine.


5) Save the file: Main Menu - File - Save, (ctrl+s), or Shift+F8 - Save.


6) Click Main Menu - Next Goal to begin your new routine.


You may switch between routines as often as you like. The progress you have made in one routine will apply to requirements of another as long as progress is made in goal mode.


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