Quick Start - What is MusicGoals Rhythm?

It is a computer program that provides interactive instruction in musicianship. It includes exercises to develop:

  1. timing and coordination

  2. knowledge of rhythmic notation

  3. rhythm reading and writing fluency

  4. music memorization skills

There are four activities:

  1. Play along - listen to and see a rhythm in standard notation while you play along.

  2. Repeat After - listen to a rhythm and play it back on the same pulse.

  3. Reading - given a pulse, read and play from notation.

  4. Dictation - listen to a rhythm, then select symbols to create its' musical notation.

How do you get started?

1) Start MusicGoals Rhythm from the desktop icon  or the Windows Start menu.


2) Select “New Student” and enter your name to create a student file. This file will maintain your scores, progress, and custom settings and allow you to save and return later.


3) Choose a routine. Routines determine the sequence of activities in Goal mode.


4) Click “Main Menu - Next Goal” for course routines or “Main Menu - Pick Activity” for the self directed routine.




5) Press “GO” to start each drill. The drills will advance based on the selected routine.


Click “Main Menu” to access progress, scores, current goals, file commands, the control panel custom settings, or to choose another activity or choose a different routine.


What are Goal, Practice, and Custom drill modes?


These modes determine the content of the drills.

1) Use Goal mode to follow the curriculum provided and record progress.

2) Use Practice mode to repeat curriculum or generate additional drills that match the difficulty of each step level.

3) Use Custom mode to define specific requirements for random drills.

Use “Main Menu - Pick Activity” to change the drill mode.