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Learn to Read Music, Rhythm Training, Ear Training, Study Instrument and Music Theory.

"This is a program, obviously designed by thorough-going professionals, which does all it promises and does it well. ... Everything on screen is explained as you go; it is easy to follow and presented in large, uncluttered graphics that are especially suitable for young children. ... We recommend it highly." - Reprinted from The Piano Education Page, © Copyright 1995-2001 John M. Zeigler and Nancy L. Ostromencki. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

  • Work at your own pace in small easy to master steps.
  • MusicGoals will reveal strenghths and weaknesses.
  • It is your practice partner and will focus your energy where needed.
  • Learn music theory by Eye, by Ear, and on your instrument.
  • Use Pre-planned courses or create your own practice routine.
  • Follow progress from beginner to very advanced.
  • Runs on Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

What is MusicGoals Eye and Ear?

MusicGoals Eye and Ear is a software program for Windows that is used to develop performance skill and fluency with music fundamentals. MusicGoals puts a magnifying glass on each element and, through a sequence of related drills, insures mastery and understanding. It speeds up music lessons because it focuses on specific elements and drills everything by eye, by ear, and on the instrument.

Use MusicGoals to master notes, scales, modes, intervals, chords, key signatures, reading, instrument knowledge, rhythm, chord inversions, Roman numeral analysis, figured bass, secondary dominants, chord extensions, and open and closed voicings. MusicGoals offers the best and most comprehensive drills for mastering the elements of music. MusicGoals Eye and Ear has 62 activities with over 1800 total levels per instrument (piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, bass).

What is MusicGoals Rhythm?

MusicGoals Rhythm is a practice tool used to learn to read rhythmic notation and improve timing accuracy and coordination. It improves concentration and memorization skills. By focusing on rhythm away from pitch and harmony, it speeds up learning and builds improvisation and creative skills. Each step consists of a set of rhythmic patterns that are drilled through a sequence of four acitivities:

  • Play along - listen and see a rhythm in standard notation while you play along.
  • Repeat After - listen and then play back a rhythm in time with the beat.
  • Reading - given a pulse, read and play from notation.
  • Dictation - listen to a rhythm, then select the correct values for musical notation.

MusicGoals Rhythm provides drills, measures performance, and shows you how to improve. You will see if you are early or late. You can compare your performance with the notation and learn from your mistakes. Completing the four MusicGoals activities for a set of patterns means that you can read the notation, play with rhythmic accuracy, and know how to write what you hear. In addition to extensive course work, MusicGoals Rhythm will generate custom drills of up to 32 measures of one or two parts. Create and/or save rhythms of your own in any time signature for practice and experimentation.

Who are they for?

The MusicGoals programs are for all musicians and music students. They are appropriate for young students who can work independently or with some guidance on a computer. Advanced students start at their level. They are serious tools intended to be used over many years of music study. At beginning levels they present simple elements in large display. As advancement is made, they present more complex elements in smaller display. Courses can be started at any level and worked on in any order. Because tempo and level of difficulty can be adjusted, they can be used by beginners through college level as well as professionals.

How do they work?

The MusicGoals programs run on Windows 7, Vista, and XP. They can be used on Mac running Windows but slow down when Windows is run on top of Mac (in a window). They can be used with the computer alone or with a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller. For example, with a MIDI controller you can play the answers on the MIDI keyboard or MIDI guitar. MusicGoals Rhythm can also be used with MIDI drums.

When should I use them?

As a teacher I find that using MusicGoals Rhythm before a performance helps all levels of students play better. This is a good program to start with at the beginning of the school year because it will make students good players and good readers. It will build a solid foundation of rhythm. MusicGoals Eye and Ear needs to be used over time. It covers very basic as well as very advanced material and skills. If you are preparing for an advanced placement test or an ear training exam, this program will be your practice partner and help you polish your skills and "ace" the exam.

Why MusicGoals?

If you love music and want to be the best you can be, MusicGoals will challenge you to listen, play, read, and understand. Not only will MusicGoals help you set the goals, it will work with you to master each skill.

"Your program is truely the first I found worth to buy! It just simply works, and I allready feel the difference the way I play music. And interestingly the way I improvise. It is amazing that with the help of your program, while truely getting the basics in my ears and my mind, I found that I am more creative on my instruments. I tend to try out more things, and it is amazing what can come out of my tries! :)) Your program is a real working teacher for me. Very thourough, logical and still easy." - Andras Z.

Developed for and with private music instructors since 2000. Nothing else combines ear training, instrument study, reading, and music theory like MusicGoals. Find it only here.

"This is the best software for working on fundamentals that I have used. I am a software engineer and I am very impressed. I am learning piano and this program serves me beyond any expectations I had. I can only say excellent work, I wish all software was this valuable." Michael C.

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